Northern Lights Denali Park, Alaska #4006


Northern Lights Denali Park Alaska  #4006


Northern Lights, Denali National Park, Alaska is known for its wildlife and scenic beauty. Even in winter, despite the frigid temperatures, snowstorms, and raging winds, the park holds a unique wonder. On clear nights the sky is emblazoned with countless stars, Polaris, the pole star, gleams nearly straight overhead. On many clear nights the northern lights come out and paint the snow with reflected color. The northern lights, also called the aurora borealis, often provides travelers and residents with spectacular shows. The usual monochromatic winter landscape is enhanced by the colors of the northern lights. Anytime between late September to late March is a good time for northern lights viewing or photography as the long winter nights provide necessary darkness, Light pollution is the bane of viewers and photographers but Denali Park is a long way from urban light pollution, rendering it perfect for viewing.


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