Aurora over Mount Fellows, Alaska #6499


Aurora over Mount Fellows, Alaska #6499


Aurora over Mount Fellows, Alaska. This mountain, named for a US Geological Survey geologist who died in the line of duty, is just east of Denali National Park. This brilliant aurora, photographed in March from the ice of a frozen beaver pond, backlights the jagged top of Mount Fellows. Some Native Americans once believed the aurora was the combined spirits of the departed, now visible in the northern sky. Many folk tales explain the northern lights, a favorite from Finland says that the aurora are sparks from the tail of the celestial “fire fox.” Some early explorers said the aurora was the reflection on the clouds of vast treasures of gold located at the poles. Science tells us the aurora is the reaction of gases in the upper atmosphere to charged particles coming from the sun. In this photograph, the aurora seems to be a salute to the fallen geologist.


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