Aurora and Inukshuk, Canada #126


Aurora and Inukshuk, Northwest Territories, Canada. Image #126.


Aurora and Inukshuk, Northwest Territories, Canada. Inukshuks, representing human figures have a variety of meanings and purposes. Some were set up by First Nation’s people to mark trails and routes over the open tundra of the barrens. Others were used to represent people and placed in prominent places to divert herds of caribou into areas more advantageous to hunters armed with spear and bows and arrows. Over time, some in Yukon and Northwest Territories took on a spiritual aspect. A few date back a century or more and still stand amid the lichen and plants of the arctic barrens. This Inukshuk provides a magical foreground for a colorful auroral display in the Richardson Mountains on the margin of the Northwest Territories.


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