Aurora Borealis Tanana Valley Alaska, #9347


Aurora Borealis Tanana Valley Alaska #9347


Aurora Borealis Tanana Valley Alaska, On St. Patrick’s Day, 2013, a powerful solar storm swept across the northern hemisphere, the colors intense and varied. The lights danced over the forests and hills of the Tanana Valley. The light shoe began just after dark and lasted into dawn hours, with the most intense colors coming around one a.m. Green auroras are typically produced when charged particles from the sun collide with high concentrations of oxygen molecules in Earth’s atmosphere at altitudes of around 60 to 190 miles (100 to 300 kilometers), Red auroras are less frequent and are usually associated with intense solar activity. They occur when solar particles react with oxygen at higher altitudes, generally around 180 to 250 miles (300 to 400 km), On this St. Patrick’s Day, viewers and photographers were treated to the colors of the rainbow


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