Aurora Borealis Alaska Lake Reflection, #1511


Aurora Borealis Alaska Lake Reflection #1511


Aurora Borealis Alaska Lake Reflection. In mid-September just before freeze-up a brilliant aurora dances over the northern forest and is reflected in the calm waters of a tranquil lake. Gone are the mosquitos and the long days of summer. The approach of winter, which can arrive as early as late September, heralds the return of darkness and stars. September marks the beginning of aurora season which stretches into April. Aurora gazers and photographers revel in the long, dark winter nights when the northern lights come out to play. Arcs, curtains, and swirls of light snap across the sky in varying colors from red to purple, with green the most dominant color. A solid tripod and time exposures are necessary to capture the magical northern lights. September nights are perfect, not yet frigid arctic cold, ideal weather for capturing this celestial phenomena.


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