Caribou: Wanderer of the Tundra


Caribou, that magical animal of the far north, who roams across Alaska and northern Canada is depicted in this informative book in words, full-color photographs and maps. Tom Walker, a well-known writer and wildlife photographer has spent years photographing and writing about the Caribou herds of Alaska, specially the Porcupine, Central Arctic, Western Arctic, Denali, Mulchatna, and Nelchina herds. Tom writes about Caribou the provider, Caribou country, how the caribou is built for the northern climes, calving grounds, how they raise their young, their enemies especially the Grizzly Bear, summer life on the tundra, mating season, and winter survival. This is a comprehensive book on this mammal which has over 270,000 animals in the Alaskan herds. Often called reindeer, its latin name is Rangifer Tarandus which means to range wild and untamed. Important to those living on subsistance hunting and fishing, they are the bison of the far north, providing food, and clothing for the natives.



Photography and Text by Tom Walker
Graphic Arts Center Publishing
Softbound, 8 1/2″ x 11″
80 pages
80 color photos
ISBN 1-55868-524-3

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