Lynx Kitten in Autumn, Alaska #0010


Lynx Kitten in Autumn, #0010


A lynx kitten in autumn snow, Alaska. A half-grown Canada Lynx kitten, or “kit”, pauses on a berm before following its mother and sibling into the forest in search of prey. Lynx are born in May or June, often under a deadfall, in a large hollow tree or thick brush. rarely in an elaborate den. Breeding season occurs in March, and lynx can be quite local while wandering in search of mates. After a nine-week gestation period, female lynx give birth to between one and four kittens. Larger litters occur when prey is abundant, namely snowshoe hares. An observer in Denali National Park once saw a lynx trailed by five kittens.  A kitten’s first winter is a genuine test, with survival tenuous, especially in years when snowshoe hares are scarce.

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